Article by Blue. Updated October 19, 2020

Bought your new TSC barcode printer but need a refresher on how to load the label and ribbon? Here is a step-by-step video to guide you in properly placing (or replacing) labels and ribbons into your printer.

Before proceeding, there are additional precautions that you need to take when performing these steps:

  • Avoid scratching the printerhead - The printerhead is the most vital part of the printer. It consists of a strip of sensitive film which transfers heat onto the ribbon & label to create a visible image. When loading the label and ribbon, make sure your finger nails, ring, watch or other instruments do not scratch the printerhead. Once there are abrasions on the part, white missing lines will form on printed image. This is a serious matter when you are printing barcode. The barcode printed cannot be scanned or worst, prompted a different set of code when scanned.

  • Position of printerhead
  • Ribbon ink facing out - When you are loading the ribbon, make sure the ink are on the outside. You may have some leftover barcode ribbon lying around. You think that it would be wise not to waste. However, not all barcode ribbon ink wound the same. Before loading the ribbon, make sure the ink are on the outside. A good way to test it is to paste a sticker to the ink surface. You are able to identify which surface the ink is coated based on where the black ink sticks to.
  • Label guide - If you have multiple size label, make sure to adjust the label guide every time you load the label. The guide aligns the label to the centre so the printer prints the same position for subsequent labels. If the guide is too loose or tight, the printing will misalign and prompts paper jam error. Additionally, it goes without saying that the label sticker should be facing upward. You should also make sure that the label width does not exceed the maximum capacity of 108mm (4.25"). If you have wider label, you may opt from our variety of printer model to suit for application.

  • TSC Label Guide
  • Software update - Do make sure you have the correct software version and latest driver for the printer. The latest software will ensure the printer perform efficiently and increase its longevity. It also makes sure the printer works with your PC's specifications.

The popular TTP-244 Pro thermal transfer desktop printer offers a powerful processor, generous memory, internal scalable fonts and the world’s most popular barcode printer language emulations in one small package. It comes with specifications as below:

  • Printhead : Flat Type
  • Method : Direct thermal / Thermal Transfer
  • Print Width : 108 mm (4.25")
  • Max. print length 2,286 mm (90")
  • Max. Print Speed : 127 mm (5")/second
  • Resolution : 8 dots/mm (203 DPI)
  • Options : External roll mount

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