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BOPP Adhesive Tapes | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Selangor Malaysia

OPP packaging tapes are widely used for carton sealing purpose and other applications. We personalize your packaging tapes with printing of your company name, logo, contact, and special instruction on the packaging tapes.

We have a few selections of different adhesive tapes available to cater to your need either for logistics, retail, manufacturing or any other industry.

Printed OPP Packaging Tape can be customised with the printing of your company, contact and instructions. These polypropylene packaging tapes are coated with a strong acrylic emulsion for sealing of packaging boxes. They are suitable for all industrial packaging including commercial retailing, online sales, pharmaceuticals and logistic companies.

Vegetable Tape for fresh produce vegetables | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Selangor Malaysia

Vegetable tape is made of BOPP film which coated with eco-friendly and non-toxic acrylic adhesive. They have strong initial binding force as well as good anti-detaching force. These tapes are used to bundle up vegetables together making handling and pricing much easier.

Hard PVC tapes have very low elongation but high tensile strength. Coated with a strong rubber adhesive, it is ideal for bag sealing and colour coding purposes. They are commonly used in retails stores to seal plastic bags with fresh produce and vegetables.

Plain and One color BOPP Tapes | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Selangor Malaysia

These are plain coloured OPP Packaging Tape. They are economical and ready for sealing and packaging use.