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Tagging Tools for product pricing | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Malaysia

Tag gun and tag pins are used to attach price tags or brand identification to garment easily and securely. These tools are used in situation where the use of adhesive label is not suitable. The fastening systems are suitable in many fields including apparel, automotive, horticultural, toy manufacturing, carpet manufacturing, laundry outlet, and much more.

Avery Dennison Mark III Tag Gun | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Malaysia

Designed with a fine needle to greatly reduce the likelihood of holes and snags.

  • Ideal for tagging silk, satin, nylon, elastic, micro fibers, lycra, rayon, polyester, fine linens or infant wear.
  • Optimized spring tension and short trigger stroke provide smooth operation.
  • Accepts both the 50 and 100 fastener clips.

 Arrow 9S Tag Gun | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Malaysia

This is one of the most economical, efficient and popular standard tagging gun, making it an operators preferred choice.

  • Fabric piercing diameter 2.0mm.
  • Maximum thickness of fabric 10.0mm
  • Compatible to any tag pins.

Tagging gun pins | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Malaysia

Tagging Pins for Avery Dennison & Arrow Tag Gun Tools. Tag pins are the most economical way to attach tag labels to garment, toys, carpets and textiles. The pins are flexible yet durable, making it suitable for many tagging applications.

  • Standard Pin: 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 65mm.
  • Fine Pin: 15mm, 25mm and 35mm.

Loop lock fasteners | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Malaysia

Loop lock fasteners are quick and easy tag holder for purses, glasses, garments, belts, shoes, luggage and much more. The fasteners can be easily attached with or without the assistant of a tag tool. They are manufactured with double lock end that snaps into a tamper proof barrel end.

  • Sizes: 3”, 5”, 7”, 9”

Avery Dennison Mark III Fine Fabric Replacement Needle | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Malaysia

Fine Fabric Plastic Base Replacement Needles for Avery Dennison Mark III Fine Fabric Tag Gun.

Arrow 9S Replacement Needle | DGROUP MARKETING Balakong Malaysia

Full steel replacement needle for Arrow 9S tagging gun.