Printing And Packaging

DGROUP is able to cater for all printing and packaging services, no matter the nature of your business. All our services and products can be customized to your application and satisfaction. Our range of printing products includes catalogue, leaflet, banner, bunting, company profile, product box, packaging box, car sticker, calendar, envelope and much more. Besides that, we also provide consumables and devices for packaging including packing stretch film, packaging & disposable bag, printed packaging tape and tape dispenser.


Leaflet, Catalogue & Company Profiles
We can meet your entire leaflet, catalogue and company profiles requirement. If you need a special touch, DGroup will help you select the best material to give your booklet a strong and positive presentation.

Banner & Bunting
If you need large printed panels for your presentation or exhibition booth, we offer printing and designing services for eye-catchy banners and buntings to attract your customers. Whether it is waterproof signboards or cost-effective banners, we are able to cater your needs.

Packaging Box
With thousands of competitive products in market, an attractive and specially printed packaging product boxes are crucial to the success of your product. DGroup offers design and customization for your packaging box and is guaranteed to grab customer’s attention.

Even at this technological age, the envelope never lose its usefulness to connect people. Letters, important documents, greeting cards and notes are still being sent by mail via envelopes. The size varies from standard DL format (110 × 220mm) to C3 format (324 × 458mm) with full colour printing with the design of your choice.

Car Stickers
More and more people are commuting daily by car which creates a pool of opportunity to advertise and generate awareness about your company through car stickers. DGroup offers vinyl stickers of all kinds and shape of simple as well as sophisticated artworks.


Packaging & Disposable Bags
DGroup offers all kinds of packaging and disposable bags complete with customization and attractive designs.

Bag Sealer & Tape
We provide bag sealers and tapes for packaging goods in supermarket and retail outlets. Company name and logo can be printed on to the tapes in any colour and form.

Vegetable Tapes & Dispenser
Vegetable tapes are special tapes for binding and packaging vegetables and fruits. The tapes are waterproof and printed according to your requirement. The dispenser is designed specifically for vegetable tapes and the binding of vegetable products.

Printed Packaging Tapes
OPP packaging tapes are widely use for carton sealing purpose and other applications. We personalize your packaging system with printing of your company name, logo, contact, and special instruction on the packaging tapes.

Stretch Film
Stretch films are highly stretchable plastic films for wrapping of industrial or commercial products to provide stability and protection. Stretch films can be applied manually (hand roll) or by machine (machine roll).

  • Hand roll
    Thickness range 15, 16, 20, and 23 microns
    Width 500mm
    Length 300m
    Paper core 1”, 2” and 3”
  • Machine roll
    Thickness range 20, 23 and 25 microns
    Width 500mm
    Length 1500m
    Paper core 3”