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ARTICLE - Benefits of Barcode Asset Tags
1 Mar 2014

When it comes to recognizing and spotting assets, we all need more than just stickers. The assessment of asset tracking is a main concern for organizations and companies. Asset barcode labels and asset tags play an essential role in capitalizing efficiency and managing assets - they also reduce tracking errors.

Barcode tags help in categorizing, detecting and organizing your product in any location or setting. They help in maintaining inventory and discourage shoplifting and pilfering. Bar-coding reduces labor cost and provides precise asset inventory.

Benefits of barcode tags:

- Barcode tags help in reclaiming equipment in case they are lost or stolen.

- They are required by the insurance carrier for confirmation and record keeping.

- Barcode asset tags make inventory management simpler and more organized.

- They are a visual reminder of your leasing agreement and services.

- As these tags cannot be detached easily, they are also called as theft guard tags.

- They are used to keep track of valuable and expensive assets.

- Tags ensure safety of both moveable and fixed assets when they are shifted from one department to another.

Incorporating tagging system helps in tracking assets down to a category level; reduce potential loss of equipment and optimize operations in an organization which in turn reduces the overhead costs and increases the efficiency in inventory management and business operations. Using barcode tags and labels with computer technology helps in summarizing all the information available on barcode labels in a fast and precise manner. These tags and labels can be applied easily on packages, cartons, electronic gadgets, products and more.

With the advancement of technology, asset barcode tags and other property tags have become the most important means of tracking products and stock-keeping. Barcode labels and tags not only help in data management but also in eliminating commonly occurring mistakes in the workplace, which in turn increases the accuracy in product labeling.

Company brand identities can also be printed on these tags and labels. It is one more way to improve and increase brand awareness. If the company name and logo is printed on barcode tags, it creates more brand recall and recognition. This is a simple way in which business can use them to become more competent, professional and effective.

Today, asset tags have become increasingly advanced. Simple paper and plastic tags are replaced by high quality vinyl, anodized aluminum and many other materials. From aluminum asset tags for bikes to destructible and tamperproof tags for valuable electronics - property tags cater to all categories. It's easy to order asset tags these days through online platforms.

By Vandana Makharia