Self-Adhesive & Non-Adhesive Labels


DGROUP is proud to share with you our extensive knowledge and experience of over a decade in the labels manufacturing industry. Many successful stories from our costumers have been linked to our exceptional services delivered to them. Our wide range of portfolio reflects our accomplishment and the highest confidence that our clients had given us. The total labeling solutions we provide cover areas of food & beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household, toiletries, chemicals, garments, retails and many more. We manufacture fully customizable self-adhesive and non-adhesive labels including security labels, hologram labels, warranty labels, removable labels, numbering labels, heat resistant labels, cold room labels, weighing scale labels, barcode labels & tags, computer labels, pharmaceutical labels, satin labels, nylon taffeta labels, laser print labels, offset print labels, thermal direct & thermal transfer labels, label rolls for hand labeler, epoxy labels, silk screen labels and general product labels.

Pricing & Coding Labels
Pricing & coding labels are valuable medium for pricing information and identification. A clear and readable label is important to provide customer information regarding your product. We produce full colour labels which are customized based on your needs. Our label rolls are compatible to all pricing guns.

Product Labels
No two products labels are the same. Product labels differ in terms of design, colour, size and shape giving a unique outlook to a product. The success of a brand depends very much on the attractiveness of a product. With many other competitive brands on the supermarket shelf, the capability of a product to grab customer’s attention spells the success or failure of a brand. Our company will help you to design and tailor the label accordingly to your requirement. We will make the right choice for your product labeling.

Nylon Taffeta & Satin Labels
We manufacture nylon taffeta and satin labels for retailing needs. These labels are made from best quality materials giving them high performance, strength and durability with excellent washing quality. The nylon taffeta and satin label is most suitable for garment and clothing industry as instruction and trademark labels. The size, colour and appearance of these labels can be customized based on your needs.

Weighing Scale Labels
Weighing scale labels are labels specifically produced for weighing scale printing. These labels are durable and waterproofed hence suitable for use in supermarkets, fruit shops and wet markets alike. The size and colour of the label can be modified based on your preference.

Barcode Labels & Tags
Barcode labels refer to labels printed with a special code readable only by machine. These special codes are different and unique to represent specific product. The codes are important for the use of identification and storage of product information in a relatively small code. Due to its machine-readable nature, the unique code reduces chances of theft while giving end users relevant information regarding the product at point of sales or barcode scanners. Typically, the label can be printed with large or very small text, simple logos, sequential numbered labels, and barcodes. Customizations are made based on your request in regards to the label colour, size and materials. We can generate barcode database or via data supplied by you. All our barcode labels and tags are durable and of high quality, suitable for all applications.

Computer Labels
We produce computer labels which are suitable for the use of dot matrix printers. The labels are printed using both spot colour and process colour with a variety in size and material. All computer labels can be customized and tailored to your requirement.

General Labels
We also print labels for food packaging, pharmaceutical labels, chemical industries labels, promotional stickers, warranty labels, instruction labels, and much more. We will guide and help you through our services and develop the best solution for you.