Handheld Labellers

DGROUP has the most comprehensive price marking & identification labeling system in the market. Whether it is durability, efficiency or cost-effectiveness, DGROUP has the best labeling solutions to offer. Handheld labelers are not used solely for price marking. Their applications are abundance and incorporate usage in product traceability, data coding for expiry & production date, quality & stock checks, inventory control for shipping & receiving and much more. Depending on your application, we design and customize the best package from our line of reputable and reliable handheld labeler brands.


Monarch Model 1110 (Single Liner Hand Labeller)
Built for long-lasting, durable performance; the one-line labeler you can always depend on!

  • Lightning fast.; can mark an 18-item case in five seconds
  • Increased accuracy, fewer errors with easy-to-read print
  • Label anything, anywhere
  • Simple operation; just click and stick
  • Lightweight portability
  • Small, efficient space-saving labels

Monarch Model 1115 (Double Liner Hand Labeller)
Versatile, with the greatest number of print options!

  • Provides important print options such as comparison pricing (show customers their savings), SKU code, shelf date and more
  • Improves productivity, fast click-and-stick operation
  • Multi-purpose marking tool, does it all, does it fast
  • Easy portability
  • A variety of labels including OUTDOOR™ labels which hold up in extreme conditions, print remains legible.

Monarch Model 1142 (Double Liner Hand Labeller)
The Monarch 1142 lets you track SKU & PLU Codes, numeric dates, comparison pricing and more!

  • Quick and Easy Loading
  • Easy-to read Label formats
  • Pricing and product information is legible
  • Clean and easy ink roller changes
  • Lightweight, compact, extremely durable - built for years and years of use

Monarch Model 1153 (Triple Liner Hand Labeller)
Great versatility, wide range of print options on our largest labels!

  • Easy to load labels
  • Snap in ink rollers
  • Labels have loads of room for product, date and inventory information
  • Generous print size for prices


SP MARK II (Single Liner Hand Labeller)
Efficient And Secure Hand Labeling Systems

  • Small and lightweight
  • Reinforced plastic casing for enhanced durability
  • Easy label loading
  • Equipped with PSP mechanism
  • Ability to print up to 8 alphanumeric digits

MOTEX MX-5500 EOS (Single Liner Hand Labeller)

  • Elegant and exquisite design
  • One-touch open system
  • Smooth and accurate operation
  • One line printing
  • Ability to print up to a max of 8 digits

PB2-230 (Double Liner Hand Labeller)
Cost Savings Hand Labeling Systems

  • Stopper mechanism to prevent over-turning and ink staining of print bands
  • Cover protection for label rolls
  • Wide variety of different layouts to choose from
  • Precise printout
  • Ability to print up to a max of 20 alphanumeric digits on two lines