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Hand Labeler, pricing gun from DGROUP MARKETING Malaysia

DGROUP has the most comprehensive price marking & identification labelling system in the market. Whether it is durability, efficiency or cost-effectiveness, we have the suitable price label gun for you. Handheld labellers are not used solely for price marking. Their applications are abundance and incorporate usage in product traceability, data coding for expiry & production date, quality & stock checks, inventory control for shipping & receiving and much more. Depending on your application, we design and customize the best package from our line of reputable and reliable handheld labeller brands.

Motex MX5500 hand labeler pricing gun from DGROUP MARKETING Malaysia

The MX-5500 is the widely used one-line handheld labeller. With its simple function, along with its low cost and durability makes it the choice for most retail operation.

  • One-line labeller.
  • Maximum 8 numeric characters.
  • Smooth and accurate operation.
  • For pricing, simple stock data and record keeping.
  • Easy and simple use.
Sato PB2-230 hand labeler pricing gun from DGROUP MARKETING Malaysia

Sato PB2-230 allows you to print up to 20 characters; including 10 alpha-numerical characters. This versatility broadens its usage in price-marking applications, product identifications and for control purpose.

  • Two-line labeller.
  • Up to 10 characters per line.
  • Alpha-numerical characters on first line.
  • Printband stopper feature protects against over-rotation of bands.
  • Transparent cover protects the label and keeps label clean.
  • Flexible usage - Works with both face-in and face-out labels.

Sato PB3-312 & PB3-416 hand labeler pricing gun from DGROUP MARKETING Malaysia

PB3 three-line labeller prints on a wider and bigger label. This durable price gun allows you to print more information; including price, expiry date and batch number in one label.

  • Three-line labeller.
  • Up to 12 characters per line.
  • Prints on a wider and bigger label.
  • Flexibility in meeting application requirements from different industries.
  • Larger space for pre-printed information such as company or brand name.